Machyta Oko Giebels


View on my art.

As a multidisciplinary artist I like to be inspired by events in society. My own memories, experiences, visions and emotions also contribute to my creative input. After thoroughly researching, I translate them into images. I surrender myself to impulses, which come from my own unconscious mind. In my opinion, there is a collective unconsciousness that we all suppress parts of. Through my art, I aim to tell a tale in which I am not very gentle towards my environment. I do not fear shocking people, but I try to let my art take the public by the throat.

At times I am the main character in my stories. My father, who has passed away, was from Equatorial Guinea. My paintings often are a fierce charge against selfishness, violence, and abuse of power and lack of love. At the same time they also portray tenderness, protection, empathy and compassion.

I use a technique involving two or more artistic media that are combined in a single composition.
These media are:
  • Painting
  • Photography and digital manipulation of photos.
  • "Sculpting on canvas"
  • Building light installations
The art I engage myself with most, is called 'Sculpting on canvas".

Photography is the foundation of my work.
A lot of work consists of digital manipulation of my photographs. The following themes return on a regular basis: 'Night',  ' Desolate surroundings ',  ' Every day street images ' and ' Objects in alienating environments '. These manipulated photos are very individual, but are often used as a basis for other works of art.

The description 'Sculpting on canvas" needs to be clarified. I prepare canvas with mortar. After the mortar has dried out, I carve in my images with steel brushes, scrapers and metal pencils. This is how I create a relief painting. When I add different colours to the mortar, this artwork can be completed. But most of the times this relief is the foundation for a painting. The painting starts when the relief is completely dried out. This can take up to a week. I apply more than one layer, but this is not always necessary. This depends on the specific kind of mortar I use. For painting I use oil paint and enamel paint, but also acrylic paint on occasion. I like print techniques such as silkscreen printing, or thinner printing too.

My daily activities consist of painting on canvas and paper. I do this not to create paintings, but purely to train and improve my skills for my 'Sculpted Canvas' art.

My Light Installations are mainly photo pillars, which are placed in a certain space inside a building as well as outside. I use parts of my photographs in the light sculptures. These light pillars are sometimes presented together with my sculpted paintings on canvas. These pillars then become part of a mixed media work. My collection consists of solo works, duos, triptychs and works that have more than three components.
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